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5 Reasons Why This is the Right Time to Consider Elopements Over Traditional Weddings

The global pandemic got in the way of so many weddings all over the world. Group gatherings have been canceled for months to come. And once events are allowed again, the idea of a wedding where guests have to wear masks and practice social distancing seems counter-intuitive to what a wedding should be. Maybe it is time to start thinking a little differently about weddings and how to celebrate them. Team Reinking put together the TOP 5 reasons why this is the right time – more than ever – to consider smaller, more intimate weddings over big traditional ones.


1. Elopements cost a fraction of what a traditional wedding costs.

Couples just don’t want to go into debt for their weddings anymore. Nowadays couples would rather save their money or spend it on traveling, buying a home and building their future.

The average cost of a traditional wedding in the US was $33,900 in 2019. When you look at New York City, those figures are even more dramatic. The average price tag of a traditional wedding in New York City is $59,000. However, we all know it can easily run into the hundreds of thousands. Elopements, on the other hand, cost a fraction of that budget. Add up the dollars spent on a great photographer, an officiant, a stylist, bouquet, a cake (or cupcakes) and a wedding meal at a nice NY restaurant, your wedding price tag is somewhere closer to $3,000. In a time where everyone has to be conscious about how they spend their hard-earned money, an elopement package looks pretty good right about now.


2. Elopements are an intimate affair.

Most of our couples travel to New York City by themselves. Sometimes they bring a friend or two…or maybe their parents tag along. But 99% of elopements are 10 people or less. This makes elopements a very intimate affair which many couples cherish so much.

Even the most chill couple gets a bit into their heads when they are confronted with 200+ wedding guests. Too many worries and thoughts that are about everyone else. “Is the food ok?”, “Did the band arrive?”, “Were the flowers delivered?”, “Are the guests comfortable and happy?” Most of the time, this takes away from what this day should truly be about. We have made the experience that elopements bring back what is really important on your wedding day. The couple and the love they share for each other.


3. The flexibility of elopements is priceless.

With a traditional wedding you pick a date, pick a venue and have paid the deposit. The wedding date is set. Rain or shine!

Elopements are extremely flexible. The weather doesn’t look good for the time we scheduled your elopement? Let’s push the time back a bit or even change the date. It is your day! A little adjusting is easy to do for us. There aren’t guests to inform, no venues to be changed or meals to be rescheduled. No additional money to be lost. If the weather looks better a day later we just move the elopements to that day. The same is true for the photo session before or after the ceremony. If it starts to rain during our shoot, we just move to an indoor location. We run into a street fair then we adjust our route (or we take photos at the street fair.)

The flexibility we have during an elopement is one of your biggest advantages. There is no fixed schedule or timeline we have to follow. It’s your day and we can roll with it.


4. Elopements are simply unique.

Who else has photos of themselves in their wedding attire, riding the New York subway or stealing a kiss in the middle of 5th Avenue? Where else will you get cheered on and congratulated by random people on the streets of New York? You can be at the Top of the Rock one moment and minutes later you walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Brides have thrown their bouquets in the middle of Times Square to a group of tourists.

New York elopements are simply unique. You will get married in the best city in the world. You will have wedding photos that show your love for each other and New York City as your backdrop. A New York elopement is something you will never forget. And you will have photos to proudly show off for years to come.


5. Elopements are stress-free. It can’t be said enough.

Getting married in New York is as easy as it gets. All you need to tie the knot in the Big Apple is an ID and a credit card. That is it!! No birth certificates. No blood tests. No certificate of no impediment. Just the two of you with your IDs and a credit card. Beyond that Team Reinking will walk you through the entire process. We will be there for you and guide you through every step of the way. All you have to do is show up and enjoy the ride.


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5 Reasons Why This is the Right Time to Consider Elopements Over Traditional Weddings

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