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Team Reinking Giveaway Winners!!

We have the winners!!

First of all, Jackie & I would like to thank all of you who nominated their loved ones. We had so many applications and we feel honored that you guys trust us. And we would like to thank again the incredible healthcare workers who worked day and night on the frontlines to keep us and New York safe. We appreciate you and we will never forget what you did (and still do) for the people of the Big Apple.

The Elopement Giveaway includes:
Wedding Ceremony by Jackie | – Jackie, a registered officiant, will perform a beautiful personalized ceremony here in New York.
Photography by Sascha | – Sascha will take the couple on a 2 hour photo shoot around New York City.
Hair / Makeup by Lucy | – Lucy will ‘beautify’ the bride with her professional styling skills.
Flowers by Nic | – Nic will provide the most amazing wedding bouquet.

Well, without further ado…here are the winners of the 2 giveaways:


This is what Chip wrote about Olu when he nominated her:

“I stumbled across this contest on social media and was amazed at the generosity. I would like to nominate Oluchi (Olu) for the elopement Reinking giveaway contest. She is an Emergency Medicine resident at NYU Langone Medical Center in NYC who has been on the front line since day 1 of this Covid pandemic. My name is Chip and I am Olu’s fiancé. Since this pandemic has started Olu has spent countless hours in the emergency rooms at both NYU Langone and Bellevue Hospital caring for Covid-19 patients. Olu has put herself in harm’s way to save the lives of  many New Yorkers. She has spent many days crying before and after shifts due to the number of lives lost right before her eyes.  Our goal was to get married in May 2020 and due to this covid outbreak, like many, our plans got put on hold. I believe not only does she deserve a contest like this, she would be elated to know that her dreams will still come true as many couples are writing this year off to have their weddings. Aside from her hard work and dedication on the front lines her mom also contracted Covid and is currently being quarantined in their basement. The picture below is of her and I, we got engaged on New Year’s Eve coming into 2020 and this was supposed to be our year of marriage and starting a family. I hope this short note will be enough as I wanted to keep it brief like the guidelines stated. Thank you in advance for creating a contest like this during these difficult times and I’m sure whoever wins will deserve it.”

And funny enough, not only Chip nominated Olu. Old was also nominated by her sister Keri. Here is what she wrote:

“I would like to nominate Olu to receive the free elopement and photo session for healthcare workers on the front lines. To me, Olu is simply my sister. To others, she is Dr. I####wara who works at NYU Langone Hospital. To many of her patients, she is a hero, a life saver, and a God-send. She often works multiple night-shifts throughout the week without rest in the Emergency Medicine department which is high-pressure. Each day, Olu rises and surpasses these limits and expectations, proving the saying to be true; that pressure makes diamonds. So not only is Olu a member of my family, but she is also an essential member of society. She risks her life everyday (including during this Covid-19 pandemic when thousands of people are dying) in order to provide relief for those in need. She recently became engaged and unfortunately, during this difficult time, her fiance was furloughed by his job. Olu works very hard and I would love for her and her fiance to receive this giveaway so she can be rewarded for her efforts to help others and to make the world a better place.”

The Photo Session Giveaway includes:
Photography by Sascha | – Sascha will photograph a 1 hour photo session in New York City.


This is what Elle wrote about Zubin when she nominated him:

“I want to nominate Zubin as a critical care fellow for your one hour photo shoot! He has had many sleepless nights, nightmares, heartaches and fear during the first few weeks of the pandemic. To make matters tougher, we are quarantining apart as he is terrified he will give me (and our unborn daughter) the virus. When I go into labor in the next two weeks or so, Zubin will be able to get tested for Covid and hopefully attend the birth of his daughter. He will have that week at home with us, before he has to go back to managing patients in the “Covid ICU.”  At that point, he will likely quarantine from us again because of the high risk. I would love to nominate him for a photo shoot with his daughter. I know he’s going to make a great dad.”

Congratulations to all winners and thank you again for all you guys who nominated your loved ones.
And a big thank you to Lucy with and Nic with for donating their services. It is so very much appreciated!!

Jackie & Sascha
Team Reinking

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