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New YORK CITY Elopement Photographer Sascha Reinking


You want to marry your best friend in New York City, but you are not sure how all this works. All you want is to enjoy the day, have a stress-free adventure and have your wedding day captured in a unique and genuine way. The city may be new, but the experience should feel all you.


Low on stress and big on adventure.


Marrying your best friend isn’t about the size of your venue or how many invites you mail. It’s about making memories that become stories you share for generations. It’s whatever you want to make it.


This moment is all about you, let’s make it happen.


You found me because you imagine your wedding day to be simply about the two of you. And in this amazing, loud, fast, romantic, crazy city, you want your New York City elopement to be an exciting and authentic adventure. Count me in.


How am I doing so far?


This is what I’m all about. Because after you eat the best food New York City has to offer. After you dance down the streets and light up landmarks with your love. Once your stunning wedding outfits are hanging back in the closet – your wedding day will still be with you. The magic lives on in the memories you make and the images I capture for you.


Let’s plan your adventure


Your wedding day will be unique, stress-free, exciting, and genuine. And there will be laughing. Lots and lot of laughing. I will be by your side from start to finish. My job is to not only capture the memories you create that day, but I also will be with you from the day you first get in touch to the moment you hold your marriage certificate in your hands (and anything in between).


I’m here for the journey, not just the day.


  • You need a makeup & hair stylist? I can help with that.
  • Looking for beautiful blooms for your bouquet? I have great contacts.
  • Fancy indulging with a car service, a romantic restaurant, or a roof deck bar for cocktails after the ceremony? I'm your guy!
  • You have questions about the wedding process here in NYC? I will share my TIPS & TRICKS with you about applying for permits and receiving your marriage license.


Whatever you need, I got you.

New York Elopement Photographer Sascha Reinking
Sascha Reinking NYC Elopement Photography

Kim & Eric

"Sascha captured the two of us and our moment in such a special way - we can feel the love in the images and are immediately taken back."

One Thing That Will Make You Give Up On Everything You Thought You Knew, Every Instinct, Every Rational Calculation...Love.

-Jim Halpert (The Office)

Sascha Reinking New YORK CITY Elopement Photographer


  • You dream of a unique and stress-free wedding.
  • Just the two of you is more than enough.
  • You’re ready to focus on you, and not your mom's 2nd cousin's husband.
  • You don't need the pressure of a big production.
  • You would like to have your wedding day documented in an authentic and genuine way.
  • Posing for photos makes your skin crawl. (Good, mine too. This is a "no posing zone"!)
  • You want a wedding day you’ll tell your grandkids about.

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