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I want to elope in New York City. Where can I find more information?

I wrote a very detailed post on "How to get married in NEW YORK CITY" right here (in English) or this one for German. Be sure to check out - and subscribe to - my YouTube channel too, where I walk you through the license application process from start to finish. Plus plenty of visual inspiration to help you have the best time ever getting married in New York City. Read on for answers to lots more frequently asked questions by adventurous couples just like you.

Any chance you could recommend an officiant for an on-location ceremony?

Sure can. I’ve worked with some amazing officiants and I’m happy to share their contacts with you. Each of them will give you an unforgettable experience on your wedding day, but there is one officiant who truly stands out: JACKIE REINKING | NEW YORK ELOPEMENT OFFICIANT. And guess what?! When you elope in New York City, you could even book us as a team for additional fun and savings at JACKIE & SASCHA | THE NEW YORK CITY ELOPEMENT TEAM.

Why do you love shooting elopements so much?

What can I tell you? I'm a sucker for love stories. Eloping in New York City - there is nothing better! I enjoy the connections I make with my couples. Finding out who you truly are and capturing your unique story is what I love the most about my job. I keep in touch with most of my couples long after you say ‘I do’. It’s why some of them became amazing friends whom I photographed many times after they got married too. With elopements I feel we can make this connection much better because there isn’t a huge wedding in the way! Elopements are intimate, they’re focused on the two of you, and I like that very much. They make for some of the most genuine photographs without the pressures of a large-scale event to juggle.

How long before our elopement should we contact you?

If you plan to elope in New York City, the earlier the better. While sometimes I can accommodate you at very short notice, most couples book me 6-12 month in advance.

Do you have any idea how long the wait will be at the city clerk's office?

Fridays are always a busy day at the City Clerk’s Office. The same is true for lunchtime. Turns out, New Yorkers like to get married during their lunch breaks! Best chance to avoid the lines is to get hitched Mondays through Thursdays in the morning or the afternoon. Having said that, you never really know. To be safe, give yourself at least 1-1/2 hours (better make it 2) to get in and out. Unless you picked a special date to get married, like Valentine's Day or 2.22.22. Those days will be pandemonium. So be prepared to wait when you elope at the Clerk's Office in New York City. There’s plenty of ways to make it fun while you do!

Small elopement or huge wedding, a bride wants to look good! Any tip for a talented make-up artist and hair stylist?

I hear ya. It’s a great idea to hire a make-up artist and hair stylist to take care of you when you elope in New York City. Every bride deserves to be pampered as she sips champagne on her big day! Plus, professional make-up and hair will make the photos that much better. I work with the best stylists in the industry and I'm happy to introduce you. I can promise that you will look and feel like a rock-star.

Music is the key to the heart. Is there a chance to have someone serenade us during the ceremony?

Love me some good tunes! I’ve worked with, and can recommend to you, singers, songwriters, harpists, violinists, pianist, guitar players and a barbershop quartet. In other words, whatever your jam, be confident we can find the right musician for you when you elope in New York City.

What about a bouquet?

There are so many amazing florists in this city. But, of course, that makes it all the more challenging to find the perfect one! I have a list of the best florists I have worked with and trust. Happy to send you some names.

Sascha Reinking New York City Elopement Photographer

This all sounds great but we would love to be more 'hands-off' on our wedding day. Do you offer 'Elopement Packages' ?

Sure do! Make sure to ask me about my convenient all-in-one elopement packages where I bundle my service with other vendors on your wedding day here in New York City. Actually, why don't you swing by our TEAM REINKING WEBSITE where we show you how easy it can be to get married here in NYC. Over there, we offer fun and affordable all-in-one elopement packages that includes everything from the permit, applications and licenses, to the styling, flowers, photography, officiating and tons more.

We are out-of-towners. Can you please help us find a dreamy ceremony location?

I get this question a lot! There is a long list with amazing ceremony locations that range from 'unique' and 'fun’ to simply 'romantic'. I'm also always on the hunt for new locations when I'm walking around the city with my family. There are thousands of locations in this amazing city! Together we can narrow it down and find the one spot that is just right for you. But also make sure to visit my blog where I share lots of elopement resources and trusted advice on how to find the best wedding locations in New York City. And if you love to see things for yourself, swing by my YouTube channel for a visual tour of the most epic ceremony locations across the Big Apple.

Getting married makes us hungry. Where should we go eat?

Ah, one of my favorite topics. This city is a food-lover’s paradise, and you can have a full culinary experience within a few blocks. Tell me what you crave, and I’ll recommend some of the best restaurants. And if you would like to talk in a little more detail about New York restaurants and their food and cocktails, I will make sure to clear my schedule for you.

We are soooo excited, we hardly can stand it! How long until we can see our photos?

Tell me about it. The most amazing day in your life and now you have to wait for the images! I always try to Instagram some teasers shortly after the wedding for the short-term fix. After that your entire session will be ready, depending on the season, about 4-6 weeks after your wedding day. Most times you will see them faster than that, though.


Do you edit your photos before we see them?

I edit every photo for exposure, contrast, white-balance, and color. The photos you see on this website and on my social media platforms are all taken straight out of couple’s galleries. They are not additionally edited to show them online. The quality of the photos you see is the quality you can expect from your wedding photos.

Will you be our witness?

Awww, I would be honored to be your witness. Thanks for asking! Just let me know beforehand so I can bring my ID.

Out of curiosity...where are your clients from?

My lovely clients are from all over the world. For instance, many couples come to me from the US, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, the UK and Australia. But I have also worked with clients from all over Europe, South Africa, South America, and Canada, to name a few. I am so excited to have a truly global clientele. Where to, next?

We are a little lost when it comes to all the papers and licenses we need. Any chance you can help us with that?

The paperwork is actually not that bad when you elope in New York City. But I'm always happy to help and give advice. Especially when you need the 'Extended Form' or an 'Apostille' after the ceremony.

Even though we are foreigners? You still can help?

Of course! I do almost anything for you guys! And about half my clients are foreigners. So yes, I definitely can help. And if I don't have the answer for you right away, I will do the research.

New York Elopement Photographer Sascha Reinking
Sascha Reinking New York Wedding & Elopement Photographer


This is such an exciting time for you guys, and I cannot wait to hear what this moment means to you. Let's plan your dream day here in New York City together. The fun starts here!

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