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Sascha + Kathrin | Secret Proposal on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York

This blog post is long overdue and I have been looking forward to share this session with you for such a long time. In a nutshell, it’s a love story. The love story of Sascha and Kathrin. It was November 20, 2012 when I received an email from Sascha with the subject line: “I hope you are the right one…” In the email he described how much in love he is with Kathrin and that he would like to propose to her during their upcoming New York vacation. I loved the idea of photographing a secret proposal and so Sascha and I started planing. We talked about location, timing, date, how we will recognize each other, and other fun details. We set the date for January 13, 2013. And as January days in New York go, especially when you are in the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge, it was freezing. But nothing could stop the plan now. The question was, would I recognize Sascha and Kathrin who I never had met before? I only knew them from photos. However, at the agreed time I saw them walking up the bridge. No question about it that it was them. They were cuddled into each other and in their own world. I was in position and ready to go. I feared , however, that I needed to be very fast as Germans (and please forgive me here but as German myself I think I am allowed to say that) have the reputation of  being less affectionate. But what happened next might have been the best reaction to a proposal I have ever witnessed. And – on a related note – shatters the reputation of my fellow Germans. :) Grab some tissues and enjoy…

And this is the moment when Sascha told Kathrin that there is actually a photographer (me!) who had just captured the entire proposal. One surprise after the other.

Next was the important phone call home.

Sascha and Kathrin got married on June 13, 2013 in Germany. After their proposal we did an engagement session at the Brooklyn Bridge Park. I will share photos of that fun shoot in a separate blog post.

Sascha und Kathrin’s geheimer Heiratsantrag auf der Brooklyn Bridge in New York
Sascha Reinking: Deutscher Fotograf in New York

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