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My first blog post…and I’m still wondering if this is really happening. I have been asked so many times by my friends, family and clients why I am not ‘blogging’ about my work, photography, New York, getting married in this amazing city and my daily life in the ‘Big Apple’. And to be honest, I never had a good answer for it. I enjoy writing (even though I’m no Kafka. Far from it.). And I sure love my job, my family and this amazing city I call home. So I guess it just made sense to add a blog to my brand new website so I can keep you all up to date about what is happening at ‘Sascha Reinking Photography’ (On a side note: Make sure to sign up for my NEWSLETTER). At the same time I hope that this blog will function somewhat as a diary for my professional life as a photographer. My hope is that – some day – my daughter Lucy will find all these blog posts and enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. Everything I do in my professional and personal life is for my family. They are my biggest motivation. And so are you…my friends and clients.

I’m really excited to get this blog going. I hope this will be a place where you guys feel comfortable to hang out, read some, learn some and share what you would like to share. So to all my family, friends and future, current & past clients…


New York Wedding and Elopement Blog | Sascha Reinking Photography


Times Square, New York

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